Golf Sunglasses and Golf Eyewear for Men and Women

Sports Glasses and HD Sunglasses For Men and Women

In the game of golf, you have many choices of what clubs and ball to play, but for revolutionary sight, there is only one. VedaloHD sunglasses will equip golfers with an edge never before imagined. Using an exclusive sun filtering technology called SolarMax™, VedaloHD increases visual acuity, depth perception, color and color contrast to enhance playing ability from the tee to the green. No matter what part of the lens you look through, you will always see the sweet spot with VedaloHD.

The Talk

"I can honesty say that VedaloHD sunglasses are without a doubt the best I have ever worn.  The clarity and definition is perfect with these glasses, in fact, I never play golf with sunglasses but did so recently wearing yours."

Steve Williams- Caddy to the best Golfers in the World

See The Difference

See the Difference
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