LENS COLOR: SolarMax™ Smoke

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Azzurro2 facts & features

  • Description

    It’s like sitting in a Barca-Lounger with a 2600-knot tailwind. Next thing you know, you’re 70-miles above Mojave, CA and you’ve just rocketed into the history books. When you’re the record-smashing pilot of SpaceShip One, you can wear anything you want. Azzurro2 sun ware is a commendable choice.

    Wear Azzurro2 every time you’re pioneering toward high-achievement.

    Included with Product

    Package includes:

    Felt-Lined Smash-Proof Clamshell Case

    The Signature Line comes with a hard clamshell case that has a spring hinge for easy opening and closing

    Package includes:

    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    In order to ensure your VedaloHD sunglasses get the care they need, we include both a protective carrying case and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/tote with every pair. VedaloHD sunglasses are also treated with a powerful scratch resistant coating on the front and the back of the lens. Using t-shirts, paper towels or other cloths can rub off this coating over time, making your lens more susceptible to scratching.

    Please always use only the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/tote provided with your sunglasses to clean them as this will ensure maximum lens life and keep your lenses operating in optimal condition.

  • Features

    High strength, lightweight Beta-Titanium wire frameware.

    Wide angle Titanium alloy hinges for amazing comfort

    Multi-point frameware anchors are screwed –not pressed- into the rimless lenses

    Bold rectangle-shape lenses with arching lines and open radial corners

    Unbreakable SolarMax™ cast-polyurethane polymer HDL-3C lenses. They simply will not break, scratch, or distort.

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